We provide our clients with market intelligence (MI) - the information relevant to a company's markets, gathered and analyzed specifically for the purpose of accurate and confident decision-making in determining market opportunity, market penetration strategy, and market development metrics. Market intelligence is necessary when entering a foreign market.

Organizationally, Market Intelligence can be the name of the department that performs both the market intelligence and competitor analysis roles. If an organization wants to be close to the market it needs to fully understand it, including the roles that the competitors and customers play there. Competitive Intelligence describes the broader discipline of researching, analyzing, and formulating data and information from the entire competitive environment of any organization.

Market and Competitive Intelligence
Timber & Stone Corportation provides clear benefits by providing the following:

  • Market and customer orientation - promote external focus.
  • Identification of new opportunities - e.g. identify new trends before our markets and competitors.
  • Early warning of competitor moves - enable counter measures.
  • Minimizing investment risks - detect threats and trends early on.
  • Better customer interaction - inherit intensified customer market view.
  • Better market selection & positioning - understand where your offer fits and discover untapped or underserved potential.