The built environment requires continually evolving strategies to adapt to changing regulations and societal values. This is no more evident than in the way our society approaches the environment and energy challenges.

We view these challenges as tremendous opportunities to frame issues in bold terms while securing public support for sought after solutions. The energy market sector must find new ways to generate the energy needed to sustain our economy. At the same time, they must sustain and expand existing energy generation and delivery systems. These energy projects require constant permitting, design, and community participation.

Environmental Services
Timber & Stone Corporation understands that environmental services are required for virtually every project undertaken in our communities. From state and federal environmental schemes to specific energy infrastructure approval processes, we offer the necessary services to advance these projects from inception to completion. By providing everything from environmental assessments to community relations, we help get our clients' projects done. We offer our clients the following services.

  • Designing Corporate Social Responsibility programs
  • Environmental Assessments
  • Regulatory Assistance
  • Sustainable Design
  • Alternative Energy Consulting (Solar, Wind, Hydroelectric, etc.)
  • Building Community Relationships