People often ask what is government relations? The short answer is that it is an educational process mized in with a "little" amount of advocacy. Simply put, it is an essential component of any business that is subject to government regulations.

At its core, government relations is an educational relations is an educational process: Educating business and industry leaders about the governmental process; educating officials about the issues important to business or other constituencies; and educating governmental and business leaders, and the public, about the potential consequences of legislation.

Law has an impact on business, but business professionals do not always comprehend the difficulties of running a country and politicians do not always understand the complexities of running a business, so educating both about the potential effect legislation could have on an industry is an essential part of the policymaking process. Without an understanding of the policymaking process, opportunities to shape the outcome of legislation that affects a given business can be missed.

We Are Results Oriented
Timber & Stone Corportation offers several more narrowly focused government relations services. We help clients:

  • Gather intelligence about legislative or agency activities.
  • Secure specific legislative or administrative results.
  • Respond to problems created by the efforts of others to change statuses, policies, or regulations.
  • Build and manage coalitions.
  • Communicate effectively with decision makers and those who influence them.

Responding to Challenges
Monitoring the ever-changing political scene is not-in and of itself-the objective most clients have in mind when they call on us to represent them. Instead, they know how important it is to respond promptly and appropriately when statuses, policies, and regulations are changing. We have extensive experience in this area and can help clients:

  • Correctly analyze the situation they face.
  • Identify opponents and allies.
  • Create and manage coalitions (if necessary and appropriate).
  • Work with the news media to influence public opinion.
  • Organize and oversee legislative and/or administrative campaigns.
  • Generate grassroots support.
  • Effectively use the opportunities provided by hearings and other public forums.

Intelligence Gathering
Law-makers and executives are continually "fine-tuning" America's legal, political, and economic system, presenting both opportunities and problems for the business community. We can help clients take advantage of opportunities and avoid problems by:

  • Tracking legislation and agency rule-making.
  • Establishing and maintaining contact with key players within both the public and private sectors.
  • Identifying trends that may affect projects, plans, or profitability.

Direct Advocacy
We are effective face-to-face advocates and regularly help clients:

  • Secure changes in laws or regulations.
  • Utilize existing programs.
  • Secure other legislative or admistrative results.

Coalitions & Consensus Building
Coalitions represent enormous political and economic value. From a political standpoint, coalitions amplify and expand the influence of a single corporation or association. From a financial standpoint, coalitions spread the cost of a government relations campaign among beneficiaries. We have organized, coordinated, and/or managed several winning coalitions.

Public Policy Communications
A favorite saying at any State Capitol is that "you are only as good as the 'paper' you leave behind." We have long been known as effective communicators because we employ a mix of style, substance, and wit to ensure our "paper" gets read. In addition to traditional "leave behind" materials, we produce other public policy media, including advertising, fax-broadcasts, email and website content.